Adult health and fitness has become a priority for many and we are here to help anyone who is looking to improve or maintain their personal wellness.  Each person will be given an individualized program every four to six weeks.  Programs are written based on that person's goals, movement screen results, individual consultation, fitness level, experience, and general health condition.  We are also here to guide you on what a healthy lifestyle and diet looks and feels like.  

When it comes to your health, there are strategies and plans we can utilize but there are no gimmicks or fads.  We rely on functional strength training, a clean diet and healthy choices such as quality sleep, exposure to the outdoors, and finding things that you enjoy doing.  

Training Options:

1-on-1 Personal Training

  • Create your own schedule!
  • Private sessions with Jonathan Sucese, StrongFirst Level 1 
  • Weight loss, general fitness, obstacle course racing, or any other goal!


  • Create your own schedule!
  • Make your own group of 2 or more friends or family members
  • Accountability and support are proven to improve your overall experience and results!
  • GREAT Value!

Contact Coach Jonathan for details, prices, schedule or any other questions!