Top-Tier Performance's Sport Performance Program provides athletes of any sport who are either in-season or out of season with a structured workout session built around your goals!  Each closely supervised session includes mobility, movement training, prehab and injury reduction, linear and lateral speed training, foot speed, strength training, and energy specific conditioning.

  • Set days and times each week!
  • Progressive overload built around YOUR goals, time of season, injury history and more!
  • ​Movement Screen and Performance Test to identify specific programming needs and monitor progress.
  • ​Free Top-Tier T-Shirt for all NEW sign ups!
  • All sessions under the direct supervision of Certified Personal Trainer and Youth Fitness Specialist, Jonathan Sucese. 

Dates: January 4th-March 26th 



  • 4:10-5:10p

Who: ​All athletes ages 11 and up!

Instructor: Jonathan Sucese

Cost: Contact Coach Jonathan to join today!